Pearl City High School Anniversary Book (1971-2021), reaching out for your PCHS stories/memories

Pearl City High School Anniversary Book (1971-2021) committee members volunteered their time on Saturday, July 6 at the Pearl City Shopping Center to pass out information with regard to being a part the upcoming PCHS 50th anniversary book.

Committee members will return to the Pearl City Shoping Center next week Saturday, July 13 from 9:00am-12:00pm near Foodland/ramp to Don Quijote to continue passing out anniversary book information to shopping center patrons.

Please see information below and learn how you can submit your special PCHS experience to be included in the anniversary book.

Photo by Sherry Abe (retired PCHS teacher)

Pearl City High School Anniversary Book (1971-2021) committee

members and supporters passed out book information at the Pearl City

Shopping Center on Saturday, July 6, 2019.


Friends of Pearl City High School (Alumni, Retired Teachers and staff) have formed a committee to collect essays (stories) of student/staff memories of the PCHS history and personal experiences while there.

Purpose:  To produce a book to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Pearl City High School through personal essays of staff, alumni, and students.

Theme:  Pearl City High School is a special place where connections were made and experiences felt that remain with us long after we have left the school.

Contents:  Personal essays, recollections, photos, stories submitted by staff, alumni and students.  We believe that everyone has a story about their experiences at PCHS.  Some may be funny, others, intellectual and others incredible.  We would like an assortment.

Audience:  Readers who have a connection with the school or an interest in the history of the school. 

Guidelines:  Stories should be true and appropriately written to celebrate the school’s 50th anniversary. Stories are intended to be published so submit stories that can be publicly shared.  Stories may be edited to address purpose of book and format.

Goal:  To connect/reconnect PCHS alumni, staff, administration and community to form a network of support.

Submittal:  We believe that everyone has a story to tell and are encouraging all to submit something.  It does not have to be long or perfectly written.  We will edit as necessary with the intention of keeping the “spirit” of the piece.  Some writing topics include:  a learning lesson, a sad farewell, a belated “thank you”, a regret or a special time and place.

Please submit your contribution via email to Sherry Abe at [email protected].  Send your essay or photo as an attachment or mail hard copy to Pearl City High School  2100 Hookiekie St.  Pearl City, HI  96782    Attention:  Nikki Takai (book). 

Include your present name_____________________________ (name while at PCHS if different)_____________________________Class of _________

Address  ________________________________________________________

Email ____________________Cell Phone ________________________

Deadline  August 2019


Want to get involved or have questions- Contact Joanne Ing  at [email protected]or visit www.

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]