Congratulations to Stuck on Aloha from Kekoa Manner

Oct 28, 2019 | PC Community

Aloha Barry!!!!

Where do we begin. . .

We are so proud of you and your book, Stuck On Aloha It's a book I think everyone should have. From the time you open it and read. . .each story is truly amazing that you can't wait to read the next story or chapter. . so much ALOHA has been put into this book. . Aloha is so important to have. We are so grateful and thankful for all you have done and continue to do for our Pearl City Community. You and your wife are a blessing to us all. Congratulations!!!

Thank you so much for inviting my mom's Ka Pilina o ka Hula me ka Ho'okanikapila and Minerva Pang's Hula Halau to perform. They both felt honored to be there. I can't believe this is Kupuna Pang's 61st year of teaching hula. . .It would have been nice if my mom danced with the rest of my 'ohana. There would have been 4 generations on stage.. .When Kupuna Pang sang O Pearl City.. . that was awesome. . it complimented this special event. Pearl City is indeed a beautiful, comfortable, place to live. The most wonderful feeling of unity was felt when Kupuna Pang sang Hawaii Aloha and asked everyone to gather around to sing and hold hands, , ,it was so powerful having everyone come together as one. . . you could feel the ALOHA.

From the time the Stuck On Aloha Book launch celebration begin to the end. . .it was all about ALOHA. . . It was such a wonderful, positive feeling.

I could go on and on. . once again, congratulations Barry!!!

At this time, we would like to thank the following who helped us for the Stuck On Aloha Book Launch Celebration performance. . sorry in advance if we missed your name. ..

You, Mr. Barry, for the invite and your beautiful wife

Pearl City Shopping Center owner for hosting a wonderful event

Mr. Clifford for helping us with our music

Harriet's Lei Stand for the beautiful lei poo and leis

Tess from Aloha Fabrics for the last minute hula outfits for Ka Pilina o ka Hula me ka Ho'okanikapila

Ka Pilina o ka Hula me ka Ho'okanikapila dancers, their 'ohana, and guests

My Grandma Juanita, Sister, Christina, Niece, Chrysta-Lynn and cousin Maile for doing a special 'ohana performance

Kupuna Pang and her hula dancers

My mom's MANAful supporters, Makua Janet and Aloha Kerrie



Photo Credit by, ''loha Kerrie, and Makua Janet