Kelsey Poaha, President, Pearl City Community Association

Mar 26, 2020 | Heart and Soul

For the past sixty years, the Pearl City Community Association has proudly served the community with talented and dedicated community volunteers representing PCCA Officers, Board of Directors and membership that has worked together along with the generous support through partnerships with corporate, government, and community groups to enhance and better the lives of its residents.

This past January, the PCCA continued its tradition of electing and perpetuating strong leadership with the installation of community leader Kelsey Poaha who will serve as the PCCA President for a two-year term that runs through 2022. She preceded 2019 PCCA President Lana Murakami who proudly served her community for many years as a PCCA Officer and Board of Director.

President Kelsey and her 2020-2022 PCCA Officers and Board of Directors once again represent a diverse background of professionals who have dedicated their community volunteer efforts, mission, and goals to making a difference in the community by putting “people first”. She believes that serving as PCCA President is a privilege and a great responsibility as the organization continues its support of the community through organizing community activities, financial support of our Pearl City District Complex Schools, and volunteer efforts that make Pearl City a great community to live and prosper.

“People matter.”  This guiding principle bonds all Pearl City Community Association (PCCA) officers and board members called upon to serve our community. Your officers and board members come from diverse backgrounds yet are unified in their core belief that people do matter, and are committed to making a difference in the lives of our community members.  The privilege of serving as your 2020-2022 PCCA President means great responsibility in being part of this storied organization that will continue to plan activities for our community, raise needed funds for educational support and service, and simply make Pearl City the very best place to live and prosper.


In 2019, the PCCA celebrated its 60th Anniversary (1959-2019) with pride while honoring those who have served and impacted the Pearl City community for several decades. The PCCA also hosted the Annual K. Mark Takai Family Fun Day that honors and recognizes the late U.S. Congressman for his dedication and support of our Pearl City community and State of Hawaii. Congressman Takai was born and raised in Pearl City and is a proud graduate of Pearl City High School.  The PCCA also planned, organized and participated in several community based activities and fundraisers throughout 2019.


2019 saw PCCA’s celebration of its 60th Anniversary with a gala event honoring the many who have built and sustained PCCA and its service to our community through the years.  PCCA hosted the K. Mark Takai Family Fun Day, where teacher grants were presented to area schools, in the name of one of Pearl City’s favorite sons.  PCCA participated in the Pearl City Foundation’s Halloween Bash, attended Pearl City High School’s `Ohana Night where five $1,000 scholarships were awarded, and finished the year with our annual Installation Breakfast and Bingo.

The future looks bright for the PCCA as tradition leads the way as the guiding light in which to build a stronger organization with an increase of its membership, activities, funding, and extended reach and partnerships with neighboring communities.


For 2020-2022, we will continue to build upon the rich tradition of PCCA, increase our member participation, and provide the very best for our community through activities and funding. Plans are already under way to unveil new activities, expand fundraising, and contribute even more to our Pearl City. We will also reach out and partner with our neighboring communities to support one another. This strengthens all engaged communities, bringing us together in the spirit of Aloha we all share.  It begins with, and will benefit, all the people in our communities. People do matter.   

As a wife and mother of two sons, family has a very special place in Kelsey's heart. Support from family also plays an important role in her life and extremely busy schedule that includes her occupation as a dental industry  professional, as well as community service roles as President of the Pearl City Community Association, President of the Friends of Pearl City Library, Board of Director for the Manana Community Association, and  Pearl City Neighborhood Board.  

I would like to wish Kelsey the best of luck as she guides the PCCA for the next two years. As a former PCCA President and PCCA Officer and Board of Director, I truly understand the responsibility and honor of serving our Pearl City community. Sharing in the success and happiness of the Pearl City community has changed my life. I am so excited to support Kelsey and the PCCA as they plan and strive towards a better future for us all.


Photo courtesy of Kelsey Poaha


Pictured: 2020-2022 PCCA Officers and Board of Directors: (L-R) Zach Sheets, Patti Rabacal (Treasurer). Jits Fujimura (Secretary), Lynn Ruth (VP), Kelsey Poaha (President) Not pictured:  Stacie Kunihisa



Photo courtesy of Kelsey Poaha

PCCA Board Members, Zach Sheets (L) and Jits Fujimura (R) are pictured at the PCCA 60th Anniversary Celebration held at the Momilani Community Center in October, 2019. Zach Sheets is the Principal at Pearl City Highlands Elementary School and is one of the newest board members while Jits Fujimura is a retired U.S. Postal worker and former PCCA President. Jits is a longtime Pearl City resident and is the top ranking PCCA Officer and Board Member with over 15 years of service to the Pearl City community.


Photo courtesy of Kelsey Poaha

Former PCCA Officer and Board Member Kenji “Doc” Uejo (L) is pictured with wife Betty (far right) and 2020-2022 PCCA President Kelsey Poaha (center) at the PCCA 60th Anniversary Celebration held at the Momilani Community Center. Doc Uejo served the Pearl City community for 40+ years beginning in the late 60’s.

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Pictured: 2019 PCCA Teacher Grant Recipient Ms. Jennifer Yamaguchi (holding certificate) from Pearl City Highlands Elementary School. Ms. Yamaguchi was presented her grant at the Annual K. Mark Takai Family Fun Day held at the Momilani Community Center. Also pictured (Front row, L-R ): Patti Rabacal (PCCA), Janis Lee  (Librarian, Pearl City Highlands Elementary School), Jennifer Yamaguchi, Sami Takai (wife of the late K. Mark Takai), Nikki Takai (sister, K. Mark Takai), Wendy Ledesma (PCCA), Lana Murakami (PCCA President). Back row, L-R): Kelsey Poaha (PCCA), Zach Sheets (PCCA).