Mar 31, 2020 | PC Community


The Urban Garden Center is CLOSED to the General Public until further notice out of concern for the safety of all involved. Thank you for your consideration and support.

UH-CTAHR-Urban Garden Center

Short Takes at UGC
COVID-19 Update.

o UGC is closed to the public until further notice.

o All Thursday Sprouts propagation work and activities suspended until further notice. We will let you know when it's time to come back. Stay healthy! BS

o No Rose Garden maintenance on April 4, 2020. MY

o No UGC booked self-group and garden visits until further notice.

o UGC hui leaders and UGC volunteers are asked to contact Steve at [email protected] on guidelines for garden maintenance.

o If you have any questions, please leave Steve a message at 453-6054 or call Bea at 453-6050.

· Fruit Hui Update. The Fruit Hui continues weekly maintenance and harvest days. Adjustments have been made to our routines to assure COVID-19 safety precautions. For the month of March, Hui members Glenn, Dale, Linda, Jessie, Laureen and Susie harvested and donated 697 pounds of breadfruit, breadnut, papayas, purple cainito and assorted citrus. Members also sanitized fallen fruits, cleared pruned branches and spread mulch. Dale moved mulch to the orchard for spreading. Our huge Mahalo to Carlton and Linda for keeping fruit trees pruned and to other volunteers and UGC staff for helping to care for and giving support in order for our Fruit Hui to harvest and provide fresh fruits to the Hawaii Foodbank during this COVID-19 crisis. SO


· The Fruits of Their Labor. Read article about our UGC Fruit Hui in CTAHR News. https://cms.ctahr.hawaii.edu/News…/the-fruits-of-their-labor


· Hawaiian Dredging Work and Royal Contractors Work Update. Contractors will continue their on-going work at UGC. Please use caution when entering the front gate. The unpaved road along the H-1 viaduct is closed to volunteers. You need to use the road under the Rainbow with extreme caution.


· Plants in Bloom. Shaving brush tree in Children's Garden.


· Donations Needed. Boxes for our next plant sale. Gently used or new items of household goods, garden equipment, and books for our plant and garage sale in April. No clothes please. Leave in Field Office or Upper Nursery. BS


· June Pollinator Event. REQUEST FOR EMPTY, CLEAN CANS FOR JUNE SSAG POLLINATOR EVENT! The Bee Hui is requesting empty cans for the children's make a solitary bee house activity in June. Please bring empty, clean with labels removed to the Field Office. They should be the standard 15 oz cans, the ones that beans, corn, crushed tomatoes, etc. come it. THANK YOU. PH


· Fruit Hui Request. Fruit Hui still need empty 2 liter bottles to make fruit fly traps. Please leave bottles in Field Office. Thank you for your help on this request. SO


· Mahalo to our UGC Ag Techs Nestor, Tom and Richard for keeping the facilities safe and maintained for our volunteers, staff, and visitors: trimmed the House Garden hedge.


Thank you to Bea, Marsha, Susie and Pam for providing articles for ST.