My Life 2020 B.C.(Before COVID-19)

Apr 18, 2020 | PC Community

This morning I woke up and really missed being able to do the things on a Saturday that I enjoy with family and friends that predated 2020 B.C.(Before COVID-19).

Man, I miss being at the beach with family. Really enjoying the ocean on a sunny day like today. I miss throwing out a line and cruising with a fishing buddy. Doesn’t even matter if we catch anything. Just hanging out.

The social distancing aspect of the coronavirus pandemic crisis has also brought a lot of us closer together with family and friends while slowing down the speed of life and giving us a stronger sense of appreciation for one another and the more important things in life that we take for granted.

Always remember to embrace and cherish the Love in your Heart for family and friends that grows as it flows with every beat here on Earth as in Heaven.

Stay safe and healthy…