May 22, 2020 | PC Community


I would like to pass along an update from HPD Captain Mike Lambert who I have been in communication with since the first 11 homeless individuals moved into the POST Blue Zone site at Lehua Community Park in Pearl City on Friday, April 26, 2020. Captain Lambert is awaiting approval from the National Parks Service to relocate the Lehua Community Park POST Blue Zone site to Sand Island. Please see Captain Lambert’s email response below that was sent to me earlier today so that I may share the latest news with you:


Aloha! We didn't get anything back yet from National Parks Service, but if Honolulu's COVID-19 cases continue to remain low we intend to close the Lehua site tentatively sometime in June. As of today we 11 participants in Lehua Community Park. Since April 5th, the POST program has been able to place over 60 individuals into shelters, detox, or relocate them back to the mainland as appropriate and we appreciate both communities (Lehua and Keehi) for respecting our use of the public parks. As promised, we also contacted the Naval Police and were able to have them remove the individuals living on the property across the street from Lehua Elementary, which should make the community and school feel safer. The Crime Reduction Units will now begin to focus on the bicycle path as we continue to provide increased enforcement to the area while we occupy Lehua.

If NPS give us an exemption for Sand Island we will unlikely utilize Lehua again after June should there be a second wave, which unfortunately is very likely per the Federal epidemiologists. Once we leave in June, Lehua will only be placed back on the table if we are unable find another option. At this point, we have held good on our word to make the area safer and even in the worst case scenario of having to return the Honolulu Police Department will positively impact the area while there.

Thank you and have great weekend,


Thank you to Captain Lambert and HPD’s efforts to relocate the Lehua Community Park POST Blue Zone and for also following through by fulfilling his promise to work with Naval Police to move out the homeless as well as several abandoned cars and rubbish in the lot across from Lehua Elementary School. I have attached before and after photos of the lot. Also attached is a photo of the homeless tents at the Pearl City Blue Zone taken by me this afternoon.

I will keep everyone updated as Captain Lambert updates me with any relocation progress made. It is my mission to work with Captain Lambert and HPD and area legislators Representative Gregg Takayama and Representative Roy Takumi to successfully relocate the POST Blue Zone away from Lehua Elementary School while ensuring that the homeless individuals transitioning through the POST Program safely receive the care and guidance needed to be integrated back into the community.

I invite anyone who is interested to join me to make a difference. We can make a bigger impact if we all work together.

Thank you and have a wonderful weekend as we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice to keep all Americans and souls around the world safe and free.

Lehua Community Park POST Blue Zone Site

Friday, May 22, 2020

 Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]


Navy property lot across from Lehua Elementary School

on Lehua Avenue


Friday. April 26, 2020

 Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]


Friday, May, 22, 2020

 Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]