Sharing Aloha in the hearts and minds of those who battle racial injustice

Jun 3, 2020 | PC Community

As our nation faces destruction of life, property, safety, and spirit in cities across America from violent protesters in response to the death of George Floyd, may we all come together and join hands and prayers for those who peacefully stand as one in honor of his of life that was taken mercilessly on a Minneapolis street on Memorial Day, 2020.

Mr. Floyd’s life and death will forever be a symbolic memoriam in the fight against racial inequality, prejudice, and violence that has ripped apart the hearts, minds and spirits of American’s for hundreds of years.

Here in Hawaii, the Aloha spirit bonds us as residents and is bestowed upon visitors from around the world. The Aloha spirit is pure and is perpetuated without racial divide or prejudice. Our unity as human beings in paradise extends far beyond our shores by sharing the Heart and Soul of our Aloha spirit with Compassion, Peace and Love for mankind.

I pray today, that the goodness in us all will be guided by the Aloha spirit and truth that we are all created equally from Love.

I pray that while on earth, the color of our skin is respected, loved, and shines as bright as the color of ones soul in Heaven.

I pray for the police officers, civilians, and protesters that have been injured or have lost their lives because of the rioted violence. Also, I pray for those whose businesses and property has been looted and destroyed.

I pray that peaceful protesters and the nation’s law enforcement officers can come together to march for change that will set America upon the path towards racial harmony.

With Aloha, Love Lives…