Pearl City High School Student Activities Coordinator Kyle Miyashiro and current PCHS students would like to invite PCHs Alumni to join the PCHS Alumni Association and get involved in supporting the school while reuniting with classmates.

Please check out the information below along with a sign up link.

I'm in! PCHS '77! Represent!

The Pearl City High School Alumni Association is committed to the pursuit of higher education in any capacity and encourages interactive collaboration to facilitate academic, professional, and personal growth. As alumni, we recognize the value of forming solid college and career goals in high school, and we plan to utilize Pearl City High School’s expansive and accomplished network of alumni to push for more opportunities for students to learn, grow, and become confident individuals.

            In the coming months, we plan to create the PCHS Alumni Network where students can contact graduates for college and career guidance, reassurance, and clarity. Spanning across all grade levels, every student will have the opportunity to meet alumni who can aid them as they discover what life after high school will look like.Whether at a two or four-year institution, trade/vocational school, the military, or the workforce, we hope that this network can guide students in the right direction, exposing them to the right people who can solidify their aspirations. Within this network, there will be flexible volunteer opportunities for members, such as being College Essay Editors or Resume Reviewers. In these roles, alumni can provide constructive and insightful comments to improve the readability and cohesiveness of these integral documents. It is our hope to give every student a fighting chance in their pursuit of a higher education, allowing them to put their best foot forward as they step into the next chapter of their lives.

            Additionally, we plan to offer the Pearl City High School Alumni Scholarship to make college as affordable as possible for deserving seniors who have exhibited resilience, perseverance, and integrity during high school. Funds for this scholarship will come straight from donations from alumni. This scholarship will utilize a holistic approach to choose recipients, reviewing each applicant within the context of their circumstances and with respect to their academic coursework, community service, and personal essays. Tentative interviewer positions will be offered depending on the amount of funds donated for that academic year.

             As a whole, the Pearl City High School Alumni Association aims to provide equitable, inclusive, and intersectional opportunities for all students through interactive campus collaboration. As alumni, we want to equip students with the necessary tools to succeed after high school and beyond. Although our time at Pearl City may have passed, the call to help the leaders of tomorrow is never-ending. That said, being a part of this association does not require you to participate in the above opportunities. We will be grateful for contributions in any form, and we understand that you have other priorities. For this reason, membership of this association will be flexible and accommodating to your schedule and capabilities.

            For more information, please feel free to contact [email protected]ith questions, comments, or concerns. We look forward to future collaboration!