New PCHS Alumni Association, come together and unite!

I would like to introduce to you Pearl City High School Class of 2019 Alumni, Amelia Pike, Sean Sugai, Janae Theodore who are the driving force and inspiration behind the new PCHS Alumni Association that is inviting PCHS Alumni to join them and help support the school.

The PCHS Alumni trio are focusing their goals and dreams of bringing alumni together to help with an ambitious scholarship program that will serve while inspiring and assisting PCHS students in reaching and fulfilling their higher education goals and needs.

All three alumni know first-hand the rewards from their academic success that they worked hard to achieve, as well as the challenges presented post-PCHS as freshmen students attending college on the mainland.

Sean Sugai – UCLA

Janae Theodore – Seattle University

Amelia Pike – Creighton University

I am so honored to have been invited by PCHS Student Activities Coordinator Kyle Miyashiro to a meeting this afternoon at the school to meet Sean, Janae, and Amelia. They are truly amazing and are filled with the inspiration to connect, unite, and bond PCHS Alumni who represent 50 years of PCHS Excellence with Honor.

If you would like to connect and join the new PCHS Alumni Association, please see information below.



Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Pictured L-R: Amelia Pike, Sean Sugai, Janae Theodore, PCHS Principal Joseph Halfmann,

and PCHS Student Activities Coordinator Kyle Miyashiro.