PCHSAA Student Services and Alumni Involvement

Here is a list of our services that we are offering to students and ways in which alumni can also get involved:

  1. Alumni Mentorship Program: We are proud to offer over 100 college, military, and workforce mentors who are alumni from the 1970s-2010s! To be matched with a mentor, students should check out our website (pchsalumniassociation.com) and browse through our Alumni Network. Once students find a mentor, please have them email us ([email protected]) and we will happily send over the alumni's contact information. From there, it will be the student's responsibility to set up a date and time to speak with their mentor. Hopefully, this partnership will welcome new insights into whichever pathway students want to take after graduating and alleviate some of their anxieties about post-high school life. If alumni want to get involved, there is a Google Form ready to be filled out on our website on the "Get Involved" page. 
  2. College Essay Editing: We have over 50 college essay editors from universities all across the country who are ready and excited to help. When students submit their essays, we ask them to provide us details about which universities they plan to apply to. From there, their essays will be sent to alumni who either attend/attended that university, essentially offering students the best perspective on how to format and phrase their essays. Here is the link for students to submit: College Essay Editing Submission Form. Alumni can also become essay editors by filling out the previous Google Form to become a mentor. 
  3. Weekly Coffee Chats: Every Friday from 2-3pm, we will have Coffee Chats with the Board of Directors and 2 alumni special guests. These weekly chats will serve as safe-spaces for students to ask any college and career questions; however, alumni are also welcome to join if they recognize any of the special guests and would like to learn more about what they have been up to! Please email [email protected] for the Zoom link or if alumni would like to be one of our special guests. We have opening within the coming weeks, so please email us if they are interested! Here is also the flyer for this week's chat: