Lions put on a shining touch at Momilani Community Center for upcoming summer session

May 1, 2021 | PC Community

Mahalo to all the Mana Loa Nimitz Lions and community volunteers who spent a few hours this morning helping out at the Momilani Community Center. Volunteers assisted Pearl City Foundation/Momilani Community Center Programs Director Naomi Tully-Ungacta with clean up chores in the facility and grounds as she prepares for the center’s summer session for 80+ kids.

Volunteers wiped down and sanitized tables, trimmed back trees, weed whacked the grounds, swept sidewalks, raked and bagged leaves and cut branches.

It was great to volunteer alongside my fellow Lions who worked as a team with their friendships and love for their community on their sleeves.

Have a great weekend!

| Photos by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Mana Loa Nimitz Lions volunteers Dexter Aoki (L) and Wayne Suzuki (R) are pictured

scrubbing down 1 of 20 Momilani Community Center tables that were cleaned on Saturday.