Renovations underway at Pearl City High School’s Baseball, Softball Fields

May 26, 2021 | PC Sports

I had an opportunity today to shoot photos of renovations currently underway for both the baseball and softball fields at Pearl City High School. Renovation construction is in its second week and moving quickly. When completed in March of 2022, the Chargers baseball and Lady Chargers softball facilities will feature synthetic playing services, brand new dugouts, bleachers, batting cages, scoreboard, and restroom facilities.

Brian Hill, Co-Ha Builders and Applied Services Technology

We are renovating the baseball and softball fields at Pearl City High School and right now we’re just grubbing and removing debris and old buildings, earth work, and we will probably be getting concrete and other stuff going next month. We’re pouring in all new sidewalks all the way around the whole perimeter along with new fencing. We’re adding one set of restrooms, adding asphalt pavement, and synthetic turf throughout the whole thing. There’s not going to be any dirt. We will also be adding dugouts and batting cages. Our end date for the work is next March, almost one year. We’re ahead of schedule so far. I would like to recognize CJ Peterson who is doing a good portion of the work out here.”

I will be taking weekly snapshots of the renovation progress to share with everyone.