HPH Vax Squad delivers another positive shot at fully vaccinating Pearl City community

Jul 15, 2021 | PC Community

The Hawaii Pacific Health Covid-19 Vax Squad Bus pulled into the Pearl City Shopping Center early Wednesday morning for a day of providing free Covid-19 vaccinations to the Pearl City community and their ohana. The Hawaii Pacific Health program continued their efforts to reach deeper into communities across Oahu to get as much people who want to be vaccinated, vaccinated.

An amazing team of dedicated, friendly, and spirited healthcare professionals from Hawaii Pacific Health went right to work providing first class service to patients from the Pearl City community seeking their first round of Covid-19 vaccinations. It was really nice to see patients and healthcare professionals connect with one another in a time and place where being vaccinated saves lives.

John Ruscetta, Operational Lead

Smiles behind their Masks

“The HPH Vax Squad team is the best team that I’ve worked with as far back as I can remember. They all support each other and know their tasks. They’re just a great group of people. It all kind of clicks for them and they all have smiles behind their masks.”

Mobilizing the Vax Squad Bus to reach those in need

We are actually going to the communities that really need to have us come there. We have transportation problems in a lot of communities. We have families with both mother and father working and they just can’t get out and they want their children to get vaccinated. So by going to the community and being directed by the Department of Health and Hawaii Pacific Health, I think we’re meeting the needs of people on Oahu.

The families are pleased with us coming to them verses them having to come all the way either to the hospital or the pier (Pier 2). All in all it’s been an excellent response, people are very appreciative.”

Vax Bus convenience in air conditioned comfort

The Vax Bus is great. For one, its air conditioned. We have the four vaccinators on it plus our pharmacist. The turn-around time from entering the bus, and for a patient to come out of the bus, you’re looking at two minutes. We’ll have everything drawn up and ready to go.”

Mahalo for HPH support

“I would like to thank everybody involved in the Hawaii Pacific Health program, all the HPH Docs, leadership, and administrators. They’re all very supportive of us. “

The HPH Covid-19 Vax Squad Bus will return to the Pearl City Shopping Center on Wednesday, August 4 to administer the second round of vaccination shots to those patients who received their first round on Wednesday. HPH will also administer first round shots to new patients on August 4.

On Friday, July 16, the HPH Covid-19 Vax Squad Bus will be at the Honolulu Zoo administering free vaccinations. The Honolulu Zoo is offering free admission to the zoo for those who receive vaccinations.

For more information log on to the HPH website at:


I would like to extend a very special mahalo to the Pearl City Shopping Center management, maintenance, and security team for providing an excellent venue and services for Hawaii Pacific Health to provide life-saving vaccinations for Pearl City residents and their ohana. 

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Pearl City Shopping Center team and owner Duane Kurisu’s vision and commitment to serving while giving back to the Pearl City community.

The newly formed partnership between the Pearl City Shopping Center, Hawaii Pacific Health, along with partnerships with projects like the state’s HiGotVaccinated campaign, brings light and promise to future collaborations that directly benefit the Pearl City community as we all work together.

Mahalo to the dedicated community volunteers representing the Pearl City Lions Club, Mana Loa-Nimitz Lions Club, and Rotary Club of Pearlridge who helped out on Wednesday. The community volunteers extended warm welcomes to the patients and their ohana, as well as guided them to and from the HPH Covid-19 Vax Squad Bus. They are truly appreciated in the Pearl City community and other communities that they serve with your hearts.

Also, mahalo to Rich Olsen from AO and his tent contractor team for providing and setting up the two 20’ x 20’ tents, tables and chairs, and beautiful potted plants that decorated and complimented the HPH vaccination site at the Pearl City Shopping Center. Mahalo to Cliff Meyer from Show Pro Events and Entertainment for the wonderful sounds throughout the event.

Mahalo to the HPH marketing team for their expertise and hard work helping me plan for both HPH Covid-19 Vax Squad Bus vaccination events.

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Pictured: Amanda Woo, Senior Clinical Director of Hospital and

Surgical Clinics and John Ruscetta, HPH Operational Lead

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Pictured: Dr. Monte Elias and Susan Kunitake