UPDATE: PCHS Purple Tree Project Saturday, 09 October, 2021

The Purple Tree Project is to honor PCHS’s 50th anniversary, and we will be planting 5 crepe myrtle trees on campus, representing the 5 decades of PCHS graduates. The volunteers will be hands on and will participate in all facets of the tree planting, including digging, scooping soil, planting, staking, setting up the gator bags and filling them with water. Many students from various PCHS clubs have volunteered and we look forward to working together with the entire PCHS team.

The volunteers will be meeting at PCHS between A and B Bldg, 8am.

Just a quick update:

5 perfect crepe myrtle trees have been selected and we are a few steps closer to getting the trees into the ground.

Exciting times ahead!

Thank you,

Lynn Tanaka