2021 Pearl City Foundation Halloween Trick or Treat Drive-By at the Momilani Community Center

Nov 1, 2021 | PC Community

Congratulations to the Pearl City Foundation and all the support from the community for a very successful, fun, and safe Halloween  Trick or Treat Drive-By event last night at the Momiani Community Center in Pearl City.

I was extremely honored to have represented the Pearl City Shopping Center and MyPearlCity.com as an event sponsors and also manned a candy drive by tent with volunteers that included of fun and energetic group of students from Pearl City High School’s Key Club. 

Other sponsors and groups who volunteered their time included: The Pearl City Community Association, Troop 75, Pearl City High School Key Club, Pearl City Lions Club, Mana Loa-Nimitz Lions Club, HomeStreet Bank, Bite Squad, Senator Bennette Misalucha, Representative Gregg Takayama, and other community volunteers.

So many people came together in support of Pearl City Foundation Programs Director Naomi Tully Ungacta and her staff who organized and hosted the Halloween night event that was enjoyed by hundreds of  keiki and their ohana. Over 250 cars participated in the Halloween Trick or Treat Drive-By on Hoomoana Street fronting the Momilani Community Center.  

Keiki, who were all dressed in their favorite Halloween Trick or Treat costumes were treated with lots of goodies, treats and prizes donated by very generous and supportive event sponsors.

Naomi Tully Ungacta, Programs Director, Pearl City Foundation

“I’m so happy, our Halloween Drive-By went well. Unfortunately we can’t control how many cars came, but all in all, I’m so excited about how many people came out tonight.  We were able to give them lots of goodies and lots of treats and the support this year was amazing. We received so many donations and more help than we really needed. It was a great community event.

It was really nice to see everyone really happy as they drove by. They were really energetic. It was a long wait in line, but they were really appreciative and had fun.

I’m very grateful for everyone involved and the support from everyone here and the community. I want to also thank my staff. I just kinda helped put this together and they all just ran with it. We had a task list and everything just got done.”

The Pearl City Foundation Halloween Trick or Treat Drive-By was fortunate to have many youth volunteers help out on Sunday. Kolby Batangan from Pearl City Troop 75 appreciated the opportunity to serve his community while representing his troop for such a fun and happy  Halloween night event  

Kolby  Batangan,  Troop 75 Pearl City, Hawaii

“Seeing all these young kids having candy and everything helps me remember that even though these are tough times, things are going to get better. It was nice working with everyone, the troop and the community to help create this lovely event. I’m truly happy about this and truly honored to here.”

Thank you once again to Naomi and the Pearl City Foundation for hosting a wonderful Halloween night event that united Pearl City residents and their ohana, as well as visitors to our community for a fun and safe Halloween night enjoyed by all.

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Mahalo to Mr. Kyle Miyashiro and his Pearl City High School Key Club

students vwho helped out in the Halloween Trick or Treat Drive-By treats

and goodies tents as well set-up and break-down of the event..

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Mahalo to PCHS Key Club volunteers who helped out big time passing out

candy in in the Pearl City Shopping Center / MyPearlCity.com candy tent.

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

It was so nice to once again to volunteer in the  Pearl City community with

Pearl City Foundation Programs Director Naomi Tully Ungacta (back row,

secondfrom left) and the amazing Mana Loa-Nimitz Lions  Club volunteers.

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Mahalo to my fellow Pearl City Lions Club member  volunteers who showed up in force

to man a goodies trick or treat booth. The Pearl City Lions Club was also one of many

generous sponsors from the community for the PCF Halloween Trick or Treat Drive-By event.

Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]