Gomes and Madrona fill an open lane with the Heart of a Champion

Dec 11, 2021 | PC Sports

I would like to recognize and congratulate two very special Pearl City Charger coaches, Millie Gomes and Tony Madrona who lead the historic and highly decorated Pearl City Charger Girls and Boys Bowling programs. Millie Gomes is an icon with a storied legacy of winning multiple OIA and State Girls Bowling Championships at Pearl City High School with Boys Head Coach Tony Madrona by her side.

Madrona has just laid down the foundation base for his own winning Charger legacy with today’s HHSAA Boys State Team Bowling Championship title win which is his first trifecta championship season as a Charger Head Coach.

Gomes teaching talents and experience shined upon newly crowned Lady Chargers freshman sensation Samantha Kanehailua who the 2021 HHSAA Girls State Individual Bowling Championship Title.

Together the two coaches and friends share a bond of love and respect for one another that thrives upon those they guide, teach, and inspire to do their best that begins from within, from the heart. They have instilled in their bowlers through the years, to play and compete as one, as one team.

It’s all about a positive team attitude that will serve to propel Charger bowlers, as in the past, to do their best from start to finish. To build and execute positive character focused adjustments needed to be a winner on the lanes and in life.

Thank you to Coach Millie Gomes and Coach Tony Madrona for the opportunity to capture another historic Charger championship moment and experience that will live forever.

Thank you to assistant coach Kyle Hayashi who balances out the heart and soul of the successful Chargers championship coaching staff.

Tony Madrona- Head Coach, Pearl City Charger Boys Bowling Team

“This has been a long time coming since 2016 when we won the trifecta. This year we won the OIA West, overall OIA, and ultimate goal the states. I am on top of the world because I had to fill some big shoes from coach Hayashi, but now I got one on my own and obviously with our awesome team members Millie Gomes and Kyle Kihara . I’m just on top of the world right now.

I have to say that we can’t forget our boosters. Like I tell our bowlers, we’re not doing it just for us, we’re doing it for Pearl City High School, and we’re doing it for the community of Pearl City. That’s for sure.

The boys came through and it was all about heart and that’s all I talk about, one team, one heart. It’s not about an individual thing, because all the individual accolades will take care of it. But if you take care of the team, everything else will come together.

We felt the momentum from when we won the OIA West and going into the East-West OIA Championship. When we took that, we knew we a good chance at the states. But, we just kept humble, and we kept the feet on the ground and just let our bowling do the talking.

We have a very young team. We have three seniors, two freshmen and a junior. So the future is very bright like back in the day. We’re just going to take one year at a time. You know Coach Millie and me, we take them and grow them as individuals and that’s all we can do.

Thank you to our AD Reid Shigemasa and the staff at Pearl City, Coach Kyle (Kihara), and to Coach Millie for giving me this opportunity.”

Millie Gomes – Head Coach, Pearl City Lady Chargers Bowling Team

We struggled through the season, but they did okay. We got a lot of new bowlers, so it took a lot if time to get them ready and they were ready for this. In the OIA they struggled a little bit, but they came through. On our team we have two freshman, two sophomore, two juniors and a senior. They are always together and they really stuck together as a team.

This is a rebuild and we’re looking for better scores and more championships in the future. I love the kids and love watching them bowl. They try so hard and that’s the main thing.

I would like to thank all the parents. They’ve been so supportive through the season. Thank you to them.”

Go Chargers!






Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]


Photo by Barry Villamil | [email protected]

Pictured L-R: Millie Gomes, Tony Madrona. and Kyle Hayashi.