Merry Christmas in the Light of Love

Dec 25, 2021 | PC Community

On this Christmas Day, I wish the light of love blesses you and your loved ones through the spirit of kindness, compassion, sacrifice, courage, healing, giving, joy and happiness.

Through the inspirational messages of Stuck on Aloha, my path in life sets out upon each day with love and respect for ones thoughts, beliefs, and prayers for healing, forgiveness, joy and happiness for themselves and others with love in their hearts.

All around the world, the spirit of Aloha radiates in people and cultures who seek goodness, kindness, compassion, respect, and peace while bridging their beliefs to a life of happiness in the light of love.

The light of love, our Lord Jesus Christ, forever thrives in our hearts and shines on our souls with Aloha for others.


Merry Christmas