Pearl City Complex Principals celebrate Doreen Higa with retirement party after 50+ years of an outstanding award-winning career

Mahalo to Palisades Elementary School Principal Gavin Tsue for the information and photos below from Principal Doreen Higa’s retirement party held in May, 2022.

Doreen Higa’s retirement party was held on May 31, 2022 at MW restaurant in the Symphony Honolulu building with her fellow Pearl City Complex Principals. The Pearl City Complex Principals honored and celebrated Doreen’s (Kuni) 50+ years to education.

“I am so proud to have been a former teacher at Momilani Elementary way back in 2000-2003, been guided into the admin training program as a VP through Principal Higa, and following her best practices with teaching and learning.” Palisades Elementary School Principal Gavin Tsue

Congratulations Doreen!

Pictured: Doreen Higa (front row, third from left) is

pictured with current Pearl City Complex Principals.

Pictured: Doreen Higa is pictured with Chef/MW owner Wade Ueoka

(former executive chef at Alan Wong’s and first cousin of Palisades

Elementary School Principal Gavin Tsue.