LEAP DAY, A NEW CHILDREN’S MUSICAL a Big Hit at Momilani Elementary School

Jan 30, 2023 | PC Community, PC Schools

Mahalo to Momilani Elementary School Principal Garrett Arakawa, Vice Principal Tara Sesepasara-Williams and Counselor Lance Nishihara for the invitation and opportunity to attend last Friday night’s LEAP DAY performed by the 6th grade class of amazing and talented performers.

LEAP DAY was the final performance by the Momilani 6th graders who went out with style, along with a well-deserved standing ovation from family, friends, Momilani Elementary School ohana and supporters.

I had a great time and enjoyed every second of the LEAP DAY presentation and performances by the 6th grade cast. The costumes and set design were first class, as well as the wonderful music and catchy lyrics that created an ambience of fun and excitement for those in the audience. Pretty cool experience.


Every Leap Day, the Days of the Week have a day off and celebrate with a huge party at the House of Father Time. However, this Leap Day, nothing goes as planned. The Days feel overworked, demanding an 8th day be adde2d to the week. Tuesday and Friday’s friendship is not what it used to be. In addition, Mother Nature makes a surprising appearance which puts everyone on edge.

Leap Day is presented through special arrangement with Beat by Beat Press

Music & Lyrics by Denver Casado

Photos by Barry Villamil | MyPearlCity.com

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