Cherish Life, “Ally’s Journey”

Feb 7, 2023 | Heart and Soul, PC Community

Courage and Hope are special blessings that Ally Tamayose shared and inspired others in her life and now from the light of Heaven.  

Ally blessed us with the following words that she left on the Healing WALL in Pearl City, and in my book, Stuck on Aloha that continues to deliver Courage, Hope, and Love to readers around the world.


Two inspiring and impactful words expressed by Ally and her passion to live with love in her heart and for her family, friends, and those that she shared in an incredible journey, “Ally’s Journey”. CHERISH LIFE, COURAGE and HOPE will forever live with us, and those in the future that will share in her story and legacy of life.

Thank you to the Tamayose ohana for the opportunity to spend time getting to know Ally and to share her words in Stuck on Aloha. The love that Ally and her family share with each other, and with all her supporters through her battle with cancer, I believe carried her soul to the beauty and glow of Peace and Eternity.

God Bless… Prayers for Ally