Pearl City High School celebrates Seniors Excel Together Day (SET) as a part of National College Signing Day

May 2, 2023 | PC Community, PC Schools, PC Sports

I would like to thank Kayla Arakawa, College & Career Counselor at Pearl City High School for the invitation to attend and capture PCHS Seniors from the Class of 2023 as they participated in SET – Seniors Excel Together Day on Monday during lunchtime at Pearl City High School’s iconic “The Mike” courtyard. SET Day is a part of National College Signing Day. PCHS seniors posted their names on huge banners representing the continental USA and Hawaiian Islands while identifying where they will be in the Fall upon graduation from PCHS.  It was really neat to see the banners filled with each sticker that was placed on the state or island that the seniors will be attending college or in the armed forces. 

Kayla Arakawa, College & Career Counselor, Pearl City High School

“Today at Pearl City High School we’re celebrating National Decision Day, and we’re celebrating our seniors that are graduating and where they’re going to be this coming Fall. So, the seniors get to participate by sticking on our lovely banners where their going to be this Fall whether that’s away at college, here locally, or joining our armed forces. We have Island 98.5 here to help play music and pump it up for us. We’re really excited for our graduating seniors. This is the first time we’re doing this event.”

Thank you again to Kayla and the Pearl City High School staff and administrators for a great experience with the amazing PCHS seniors as they embark on their higher education goals and careers in a few weeks following graduation. The bond and love between the PCHS students, teachers, and administrator’s shined on Monday as they celebrated together their accomplishments, experiences, and success in and out of the classroom as Pearl City Chargers that will forever be in their hearts and the paths ahead as they journey into the future.