Momilani Elementary celebrates 1st Annual Presentations of Learning Day

May 23, 2023 | PC Community, PC INK, PC Schools

I would like to send a very special mahalo to Momilani Elementary School Principal Garrett Arakawa for the invitation to attend the 1st Annual Presentations of Learning event held at the school campus on Thursday May 18. Momilani Elementary School showcased and presented highlights from outstanding projects, accomplishments, and awards from pre-school through grade 6 students with projects being displayed fronting the school administration building, classrooms, and school cafeteria.

The event invited the Momilani Elementary ohana to come to the campus and enjoy incredible storyboard displays and hear from the students as they highlighted a very successful and active 2022-2023 school year. Special musical performances in the school cafeteria from kindergarten and first grade students under the direction of Momilani Elementary music teacher Mr. Gensen Rabacal delighted parents, grandparents, and visitors. The cafeteria also hosted the M.O.A. Art Awards Ceremony that presented students with awards for their outstanding artwork.

The 1st Annual Presentations Learning event was a huge success and a true testament to the love and commitment from the school, Momilani ohana, community, and supporters that directly benefits the first class learning experience for the exceptional and talented Momilani Elementary students and their teachers.  

Garrett Arakawa, Principal, Momilani Elementary School

“Today we have students come up and talk about their overall experience in their grade level, and share about their experiences through the year, and share about what they have learned. In the classrooms, we have student generated presentations and scavenger hunts. So, the grade levels planned different concepts of sharing and present the learning that the students have. It kind of focuses on either Project Based Learning (PBL) or special projects that the students really want to showcase. We also highlight Mr. Gensen Rabacal’s work with our kindergarten and first grade in an end of year musical showcase. We also have M.O.A. art awards given out as well.

This is our first Presentations of Learning and we want to highlight our students. With parent permission for the kids who are staying back, we want to highlight as much as we can, so all students were invited to stay and talk about their learning experiences. Our ambassadors will talk about the Ambassador program, our Team Kokua will talk about the things they do, we celebrate our championship basketball teams in 5th and 6th grade, and the success of our media, computer science and robotics programs. They all just wanted to celebrate and share their learning with the community, the parents, and whoever could make it down. The teachers have been working really hard, our office staff, and our resource teachers all came together. Thank you!”

Gensen Rabacal, Music Teacher, Momilani Elementary School

“We’re having a curriculum fair and this is the first year that we’re having it open to visitors and having it this big. For me, I’m the music teacher so I had just my first graders perform not to long ago, My kindergarten class will be performing and it’s just to showcase what we did throughout the school year. The first grade did very well. They sang nice and loud, and the parents sounded happy. It‘s such a nice family community because I got to see some people that I never saw in years and they’re parents and their kids are in my class. So, it‘s really fun!”

Lance Nishihara, Counselor, Momilani Elementary School

“This is our first year and Garrett (Arakawa) is always trying new things. Its interesting and the turnout looks great. Gensen has drawn a lot of people together and he’s made our music program special. Without him this year, our Grandparent’s Day wouldn’t have been the same, some of our drama performances without his training, because he’s done some training with the kids prior to performances, it wouldn’t have been the same. He’s amazing!

Photos by Barry Villamil |