Pearl City District Park field lights to be removed, field usage permits cancelled along with use of fields

Jun 1, 2023 | PC Community

Check out the letter below from Nathan Serota, Department of Parks and Recreation letting Pearl City community leaders know that six light poles at the Pearl City District Park ball fields will be removed and that permits are cancelled, and fields closed. Mr. Serota did not have a date that the work to replace the six light poles would start or completed.

I visited the Pearl City District Park fields this morning and had a flashback from my days practicing youth football and little league on the park fields. So many kids and adults utilize the two fields throughout the year. With a limited amount of ball fields in our Pearl City community, it’s a shame that there is no timetable for the project to be completed due to project design and financing. It will be deeply appreciated by those who call the fields home, to once again enjoy safe ball fields at the recreation center with one field featuring fully functioning “new” lights for park users. It’s been a while.


Aloha Pearl City community leaders,

I hope your Tuesday is treating you well.

Six field lights at the Pearl City District Park ball field are slated to be removed within the coming days due to safety issues posed by corrosion and rust near the base of the fixtures.

It will take some time to remove the poles due to their height of approximately 60’. In the meantime, we have cancelled permits and use of the fields, which were primarily for daytime practice.

We will additionally be working with our Department of Design and Construction on a strategy to replace these field lights, as they have not functioned properly for some time and may require a larger Capital Improvement Project to install new fixtures. 

We appreciate your patience and understanding, and will provide updates as they become available. Mahalo and take care.

Nathan “Nate” Serota

Department of Parks and Recreation City and County of Honolulu