Wow! The Pearl City Recreation Center pool looks great!

Jun 1, 2023 | PC Community

As I visited the Pearl City District Park fields this morning, I walked over to the rec pool and was totally thrilled to see the sparkling, blue water shining in the morning sun. It was so hot for 11:00am in the morning in Pearl City and I wished that I could jump in and go for a swim. The pool is stilled closed for repairs, but it looks great and hopefully will open soon. I have an update from Department of Parks and Recreation below.

I remember summers past as a kid while hanging out at the pool. Also, Coach Ken Suenaga and his Pearl City Aquatics Swim teams working out and competing. Those were the days! Can’t wait for it to open to the community some day soon!

Mahalo to those responsible for bringing the pool facility back to its beauty as a community gem and gathering place.

Photos by Barry Villamil |