Happy Father’s Day 2023!

Jun 18, 2023 | Heart and Soul, PC Community

I would like to dedicate this Father’s Day message to all the new Dad’s and Grandpa’s. As you celebrate your very first Father’s Day as a dad and as a grandpa, may you be filled with the happiness and love that this day brings. As a dad the road ahead is an adventure and a brand new experience in life as the responsibility of being a dad is realized and truly inspired with love as you hold your child in your arms.

It’s a whole different experience as a new Grandpa. You have the green light (with a certain amount of opposition from your kids) to spoil and love your grandchild more than you can imagine. The first time you hear “Papa”, it’s over. With your heart in one hand, and your wallet in the other, you are toast. A human puppy dog that can drive. Anytime, anywhere, you will always be there for your grandchild. That’s the best feeling in the world. You can get away treating your grandchild to unacceptable sweet treats as mommy and grandma give you heat. That’s okay because you’re the Boss (in your own mind). It’s COOL because you’re PAPA!

Wishing you a great day! Have fun and give your ohana a big loving hug from your Heart and Soul.  

Happy Father’s Day to All!