H.E.A.L. Lahaina – Hope Evolves Around Love

Sep 1, 2023 | Heart and Soul, PC Community

“Through prayer, the compassion to H.E.A.L. Hope Evolves Around Love will breathe life into the land and the people of Lahaina. Blessed are the souls of loved ones who will forever live in our hearts as, one by one, they are embraced in the light of love and peaceful glow of eternity.” Barry Villamil

I would like to welcome you to share your prayers and heartfelt messages to those affected by the Maui Fires. I believe that the power of prayer, together, will HEAL the minds and spirits of the people of Lahaina and island of Maui as they rebuild their lives.

May they once again find happiness with their ohana, friends, and neighbors through their respect and love for the Hawaiian culture and the common bond of giving and caring with Aloha for one another, and to those around the world who continue to come to their aid in time of need.

Please post your prayers and heartfelt messages.

Thank you!

H.E.A.L. Hope Evolves Around Love created by Barry Villamil