Pearl City High School Garden 2024 Project comes to full fruition with the heart, soul, and spirit of Interact leadership

Jul 10, 2024 | PC Community, PC Schools

By Barry Villamil. President, Rotary Club of Pearlridge

Congratulations to Pearl City High School Rotary Interact Club students and advisors who unveiled their PCHS Garden 2024 Project on Monday, July 8, 2024 to invited guests representing the Rotary Club of Pearlridge (RCOP). The PCHS Garden 2024 Project is led by PCHS Interact Club advisors/teachers Dane Souza and Vanessa Tadena, PCHS Interact students Arianne Ramos, Kaori Kawasaki, Maria Pineda, Jaylin Shirafuji, recent PCHS Interact Club Vice President (Class of 2024) Andie Shimizu and PCHS Student Activities Coordinator Kyle Miyashiro. RCOP member Lasar McCabe served as PCHS Garden 2024 Project mentor and advisor.

The PCHS Garden 2024 is located on the school campus in the C&D building’s courtyard. The Garden project took several months to complete and on Monday, PCHS Interact students Kaori Kawasaki, Maria Pineda, and Jaylin Shirafuji gave a tour of the newly created PCHS Garden and later presented a detailed PowerPoint presentation in their classroom outlining the different Garden Project components from start to finish. The Interact students also shared their goals and plans to expand the Garden project throughout the campus while engaging and uniting the school ohana.

Through their well-planned and supported PCHS Garden Project, they successfully coordinated and developed a project strategy that incorporated an environmentally oriented game plan that supports and promotes a green and sustainable future.

PCHS Interact students, advisors, and supporters have delivered an enhanced spirit of Charger Pride as a result of their exceptional and creative leadership efforts to beautify the school by cultivating and growing a green, clean, and thriving, healthy environment in which to learn and excel while enjoying the ultimate PCHS Charger experience.

As PCHS Interact Club underclassmen, their leadership legacies have taken root. Together as founders and stewards of the PCHS Garden 2024, they will grow as the garden grows and inspires others to make a difference from the ground up while reaching out to better the environment and world, we all live in.  

Mahalo to Lasar McCabe from the Rotary Club of Pearlridge for volunteering her time with the PCHS Garden 2024 Project.

Also, mahalo to Rotary Club of Pearlridge Past District Governor and Past President Dick Mosko and RCOP community volunteers Terri and Tim Mehlhorn for their support of the PCHS Interact Program and PCHS Garden 2024 Project.

Video and Photos by Barry Villamil

Cover photo: Pictured: (L-R) Dane Souza, Arianne Ramos, Kaori Kawasaki, Maria Pineda, Jaylin Shirafuji, Andie Shimizu, Lasar McCabe

Pictured: (L-R) Tim Mehlhorn, Dane Souza, Arianne Ramos, Kyle Miyashiro, Kaori Kawasaki,

Maria Pineda, Jaylin Shirafuji, Dick Mosko, Lasar McCabe, Terri Mehlhorn, Andie Shimizu