Photo Gallery III: 2013 Pearl City Complex Track Meet held at Pearl City High School – Mahalo PCHS Track Team Volunteers! (4/26/2013)

The 2013 Pearl City Complex Track Meet was held at Pearl City High School's Edwin "Bino" Neves Stadium on Friday, April 26, 2013. Eight Pearl City District Complex elementary schools participated in the annual track meet.

Momilani Elementary School took home the overall championship title with a combined team score of 206 points.

Team Rankings – Combined Boys and Girls Scores:

1. Momilani Elementary School                       206 Points

2. Kanoelani Elementary School                    181 Points

3. Waiau Elementary School                         179 Points

4. Palisades Elementary School                    174 Points

5. Pearl City Elementary School                    148.50 Points

6. Manana Elementary School                      136.50 Points

7. Pearl City Highlands Elementary School   121 Points

8. Lehua Elementary School                          94 Points

Mahalo to the Pearl City High School Chargers Track Team volunteers for a great job coordinating and running the event!

Photos by Barry Villamil |