The Honolulu Rail Transit Project is a 20-mile elevated rail line with 21 stations. The project will connect West O`ahu with downtown Honolulu and Ala Moana Center via Honolulu International Airport.

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Born and raised in Honolulu, Christine Simmons has been working for Kiewit for nearly 11 years. She attended the University of Hawaii...

In the Community: Kiewit helps Girl Scout reach her Gold Award

As a core value of the company, Kiewit strives to be a good steward in the community. In December 2014, Kiewit donated 10 blue recycling bins to the Aloha Stadium to replace existing old and rusty bins.

Autumn Ollice, a junior at Radford High School, began working with The Aloha Stadium in June 2014 for her project, “Keep it Clean, Sort it Out” to receive her Girl Scout Gold Award. With more than 500 trash bins in the parking lots and only a fourth of those being recycling bins, Autumn noticed recycle bins being used as trash cans, and corrosion and holes in the bins.

“Kiewit was gracious enough to donate 10 barrels to Autumn’s project,” said Samantha Spain, The Aloha Stadium sales and marketing specialist. “Even though her project with the Girl Scouts is completed, we are still working with her and her troop to bring awareness of recycling and bring in more barrels.”

Through her campaigns, Autumn was able to educate the public about proper recycling and reached out to Kiewit for their help in her project. In partnership with The Aloha Stadium, Kiewit was able to play a role in Autumn’s goal of matching the amount of recycle bins to trash bins.

“Kiewit kindly offered as many as they could find, as well as the assurance they would continue donating more to the Stadium as they became available,” said Autumn. “The Aloha Stadium and I greatly appreciate the support from these companies of this recycling program and my Girl Scout Gold Award. I wouldn’t have been able to do this without them.”

To find out more about Autumn’s efforts, watch her Public Service Announcement at


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